CAS LP-Series II

Thermal Label Printing Scale

Fast and easy are the two words that best describe CAS' LP-2, with optional network ability, and high-speed thermal printing the CAS LP-2 is a perfect price computing scale. Controls entirely driven by menus makes the label printing scale quick and easy to use. With duel ranging capacity of 30 and 60 lb the grocery scale is perfect for all weighing situations, while still staying precise with 0.01/0.02 lb accuracy. Use over 2,000 characters per a PLU allowing you to describe your product to the extent that your consumers like to see with this ethernet label printing scale. A cash drawar is also a great feature of the CAS LP-2 allowing the scale to be even used as a register, saving your customers the time of going somewhere else to pay for their product. Rugged tactile keys guarantee that the label printing scale will last many years, and save you money by outlast many other scales. Design attractive labels with your deli scale, making your products even more attractive, and also use it as a way to commercialize your company by including your company's title on the label. The abilities of the LP-2 are endless, and this price computing scale is the perfect scale for any deli or grocery.

Thermal Label Printing Scale

Technical Specification

•Fast and simple operation. •60lb capacity and dual range. •30kg at the touch of a button. •Menu driven and user friendly. •High speed thermal label printer. •Cash drawer. •Over 1,500 characters per PLU •99 floating clerks. •106 Speed keys, 53 x 2 (SHIFT) •Sealed keyboard minimizes possible damage from moisture. •LP-II use heavy-duty tactile switches instead of membrane keypads.
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