Retail Digital CCTV

Digital Video Surveillance System

Professional PC based digital video (NTSC/PAL) triplex recording system (up to 32ch). GO DVR using MPEG-4 compression has many advantages over the traditional analog CCTV system such as high speed & scheduled recording, superior video quality, Cash Register Links to CCTV Recording, multi-screen display mode, easy data retrieval (using calendar & 24 hr schedule) and more maintenance features (eg. Central Station Program, Backup HDD failure by working with RAID solution). Operation of the DVR is very user friendly, it enables individual camera setting such as recordi Demo Video:

Digital Video Surveillance System

Technical Specification

Motion detection & recording. Backup player : able to backup recorded video into a CD-R and convert medium to AVI file for Windows Media Player or BMP/JPEG snapshot. Watermarking data security : able to test whether saved image is original. Remote monitoring over PSTN, LAN and TCP/IP (support DDNS Server for dynamic IP). Client S/W able to search & playback recorded video remotely. Viewing via PDA. SecuMan central station program enables real time monitoring, remote playback , remote menu setup, event monitoring/instant action to multitude of remote DVRs (eg. simultaneously monitoring up to 36 sites). Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus functions. Watchdog for auto-rebooting. User management function (password access protection) for access control & administration.
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Northern Retail have been supplying CCTV as a compliment to EPoS systems for over 10 years. Whether you need a single camera or multiple cameras linked to the latest in recording technology, we are willing and able to help. Contact us for more information

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