Sam4s SER-7000

All-in-one design packed with system features. Built-in

Designed by people who understand what is required by retailers, fulfilling the needs for accuracy, security and reliability. Simple program maintenance allowing easy updates for those daily menu changes, special offers and promotions.

All-in-one design packed with system features. Built-in

Technical Specification

Key Features •Designed for hospitality, leisure and general retail with barcode scanning. •4 separate check tracking files with memory billing, stand alone or network. •Interrupt cashier (layaway) on any terminal in network. •Share kitchen/bar order printers between cash registers. •Stub tickets for admissions. •Preview receipt feature. •Simple to program with automatic broadcast network. •Flexible EPROM based software & battery backed CMOS RAM. •Employee clock in and out with hours worked report. •Automatic reports at pre-set times & secure training mode. •Drive through system for fast food. •Split bill by seat number. •Transferable accounts eg. from tables to rooms. Optional PC Software •User friendly utility back office software for file maintenance in stock control and suggested re-order software (Samstock). •Import and export data in ASCII/CSV. •Available in single and multi store versions. •Easily customisable for specific applications. •Compatible with Windows 2000/XP Pro. •Link to hotel reservation system with auto room billing
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Northern Retail have been supplying CCTV as a compliment to EPoS systems for over 10 years. Whether you need a single camera or multiple cameras linked to the latest in recording technology, we are willing and able to help. Contact us for more information

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